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Eye-Fi and CHDK

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So we’ve got these really cool SD cards made by a company called eye-fi. The eye-fi automatically upload pictures to Flickr via wifi.

I’ve also been playing with a CHDK, a hacked version of Canon’s firmware for their point and shoot cameras. CHDK has worked beautifully, allowing me to take pictures in intervals and turn the camera off when it’s not needed (excellent for long deployment on a bridge).

I have, however, had one issue. To get the camera to boot CHDK, the SD card has to be placed in the “lock” position by flipping a switch on the of the card. However, the eye-fi has no such lock. So I’ve had to be a bit creative.


With some help, I cut a slot in the side of the card with a dremel, permanently locking it. No damage to the card was done; it’s still able to save images, etc.

A little piece of tape, placed over the new slot, will unlock the card.

Written by gregklein

July 15, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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  1. […] switch on the of the card. However, the Eye-Fi SD Card has no such lock, by design. After following Greg Klein’s advice and using an Xacto blade, I cut a slot in the side of the card, permanently locking […]

  2. Thats an awesome idea. I will be trying this with a time lapse rig ill be building in march. I referenceed this article in my blog.

    Steven DAmico

    February 16, 2013 at 2:01 pm

  3. […] protect switch that is needed for CHDK. Greg Klein’s blog has a great solution for this on his blog. Basically he modified his eye-fi card so it will […]

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